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By so full of crap (anonymous) | Posted September 16, 2008 at 08:54:18

You're so full of crap A Smith. You called the author "disgusting" and said he's "like any conceited politician", meanwhile he didn't even actually DO what you accused him of. His article was ALL about individuals making changes on a street, who believe in the downtown and put their money where their mouth is. Then he wrote about how important it is NOT to let yuppies change the rules of a neihborhood they moved into so it locks poor people out. So pretty much the exact opposite of what you accused him of. No wonder he ignored you!

By the way, troll comes from fishing not mythology, it comes from running a boat slowly through the water dragging a baited hook behind you to get some unfortunate fish to grab on and get caught. 26 comments later its clear your a very good fisherman.

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