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By taking A Smith to task (anonymous) | Posted September 16, 2008 at 14:13:52

@A smith: There's no way you can be that ignorant as to actually believe the bollox you write.
In no way shape or form did Ryan claim anyone's else's success for his own. He gave the credit to the people doing the work in his article and then he turned credit AWAY from himself and onto those people in two of his comments. ALL he said about his "theories" is that the people renewing James North should make sure they keep the street mixed for incomes and types of business so noone gets squeezed out.
You're reading comprehension either totally sucks or you are just going after him from some personal vendetta, I don't know which. Full of crap made good points but you just ignored it and insulted him (funny because that's what Ryan said you do and you just proved it for him).
If you want to be part of the conversation great. But if you just want to go at people you don't like, please go away and do it somewhere else, folks here are trying to be civilized.

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