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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted September 17, 2008 at 18:02:20

Amy Kenny, you are a great example as to why it is pointless for me to respond to every post aimed in my direction.

Your words..."someone (referring to myself) who recently insisted that Geoff offer a point-by-point analysis of Paxton's chapter on the Depression.."

My words..."you made specific claims regarding the Great Depression, so it is your job to back them up, not Robert Paxton's."

Where did I say Geoff should explain Robert Paxton's book?

In fact, what I actually said was the exact opposite, that Geoff should defend his own claims, RATHER than Robert Paxton.

If you arguments rely on lies, then yes, I will ignore you. At least Geoff, Ryan, and others on this board make an honest effort at dealing with the facts as they see them.

Maths, you make a good point. However, how do you explain the fact that military spending did not also follow this path, shrinking as a share of a growing economy?

The fact is, as the economy grows, so do tax revenues. The government can either spend that on the military, pay down the debt, or increase social spending.

My argument is that it is better for the economy to either pay down the debt, spend it on the military, or at the very minimum, keep the ratio of military to non military spending constant.

Think of social spending like a motorized cart, it can help make people's lives easier, but at the cost of making your muscles atrophy.

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