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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted September 25, 2008 at 23:54:44

I think 'Capitalist' is confusing 'The Arts' with visual artists.

(The term starving artist came from somewhere & not from Gov. subsidies!) Visual artists & musicains work hard & are freequently underemployed to do their craft. If we were all as pragmatic & greedy as the Harper Set, there would be no original visual art, or music coming out of Canada. What exactly has Capitalist got against Art & Music?
The Arts as Harper refers to it is film, t.v. & all the hundreds of skilled & not so skilled people that are employed in both the actual production, post production, distribution, & marketing of the production. It also refers to the writers who create the stories, or adapt them to suit the production format.
You have everyone from costume designers & seamstresses, to carpenters, joiners, scene painters, computer effects tech's, musicians, truck drivers, caterers,& many more.
Now tell me if we enclude the companies to sell the raw materials, goods & services to make t.v. or film -
How can you tell these people that they are artsy-fartsy parasites?
Every single thing that is used by Stephen Harper & Capitalist from the secong they wake up in the morning to the time they go to sleep involves at least one Artist or industrial design artist. Sheets, towels, razor, comb, clothing, shoes, socks, car, bike, & everything in their work environment.
If these people have such contempt for 'The Arts', then they should stop wearing expensive suits, designer shoes, & stop driving elegant cars. They should immediately remove all the portrature from 21 Sussex Dr., & remove 21 Sussex Dr., too cuz somebody 'Designed' it.. An Architect!

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