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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted October 05, 2008 at 14:11:48

Schmadrian: I wonder if you have ever stopped and talked to some of the people who you deem as undesirables? To be honest, I wonder if think about the lesson or message you are giving your children, when one teaches them to be "elitest".

You deem yourself as a left leaning liberal but then what action have we seen from this so-called liberal government in regards to helping those who are less fortunate? One can look at the current Ontario Child Benefits, which leaves people who struggle, the working poor with less.

Or what about the growth of the temp agencies where those that struggle are denied a living wage or even benefits.

The answer is inclusion of all the voices, that would include those that struggle in the negotiating process and many of you in the middle class have failed to acknowledge that those that struggle have a right to participate.

You want to blame those at the bottom but I do not see no blame on our leaders who over the years have spend endless dollars on comestic revamps which have done nothing with the underlying problems, that is the loss of good paying jobs, the cutbacks in all the social services, the rise in property taxes which does affect the business community. Also there should be blame of the "capitalist model", which has killed many small businesses all across this city.

Please think before you speak!!!!

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