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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted October 05, 2008 at 20:23:56

Hi Ben: Thanks for the clarification. While your experience with the goodwill has been positive, my own experience with them was draconian.

I am not alone in my view with this organziation that works hand in hand with the policies of workfare. You see, you were not on social assistance, so they treated you different.

As someone who has post secondary education, who was looking for work but could not find anything before my EI run out, I had to go to OW. They found me work alright, an entry level job that had nothing to do with my field of which I had worked for over 15 years, I was told I had to accept this job, which did not provide a living wage or benefits of which I would not be paid for one to two weeks and I was threatened to be cut off OW.

Please explain to me how this was helping me when the amount from OW did not even cover my rent, yet I was expected to take work that I was not even to be paid for, as the objective was to get work to cover my rent and bills.

No, the people deserve the right to have oversight over these organziations, that I deem as the "poverty industry". I would like to see this so called social worker in my shoes, yes, nothing but a tyrant who fail to even listen to my concerns or my experiences.

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