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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2008 at 00:48:36

Grassroots, there is nothing wrong with wanting people to have a great job, that pays a generous wage.

But how do we get good paying jobs?

I think it takes a little bit of suffering. I don't mean terrible suffering, but a willingness to give something up, in order to get something greater in return.

In previous decades, average income people paid a larger proportion of total taxes than they do today. They also had better paying jobs and I think the two things go together.

Since the universe tends to work on principles of balance, I believe that rewards flow proportionately from the amount of work that is done.

Therefore, if government started asking more from lower income people, I believe this would be balanced by greater opportunities for these same people.

I point to periods of recent history where government has done this very thing, namely reducing benefits, where median wages grew much faster than today.

However, when money is simply given to people, without asking anything in return, I don't think it actually helps people over the long run.

Furthermore, all human beings feel good about themselves when they can contribute to others and this includes those with very little to give.

Even if we simply asked people with little income to donate some of their time, I believe that would have great benefits to their life and future job prospects.

I guess everything to me boils down to balance and as such, I tend to see rewards following work. I don't believe in free lunches, but i do believe in fairness.

If you try your best and contribute what you can, the universe will reward your efforts.

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