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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted October 11, 2008 at 11:01:01

By Geoff's Two Cents: Yes you are right, that it is not a right/left problem, it is a people problem. Right now , the world is changing quickly, as in recent days, we can see the panic mode setting in.

Collectively, I do not think people can just sit in their individual boxes for lack of better words and ignore what is going on.

In the 19th century they had the workhouses, which to me were horrible places. Even though the workhouses do not exist anymore, the mentality of the social safety net is akin to those days. We are seeing people going backward, instead of forward.

I was at a forum in which an educator told a story about children and poverty and the mentality of the school system. An educator was called back into duty to teach a class of children in a low income neighbourhood. The educator was trying to grasp what the problem was, as to why the children were failing. After some searching the educator found what was thought to be IQ scores. The educator revamped the way the children were being taught and actually got positive results. The children were engaged and actually starting to make headway in the learning process. It was after, the educator found out that the IQ scores were actually locker numbers.

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