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By aaron (registered) | Posted December 19, 2006 at 07:27:58

Bob, you can't seriously argue that Hamilton is just a dormitory town or suburb, and even if it is, they still need transit. And for what it is, the lower city is far denser than similar sized cities in Canada, current east-west buses are at capacity and BRT would certainly be viable and could be an important tool in making the city healthy. BRT would have similar economic benefits for less cost than Red Hill for example. As much as people point out the decay of the lower city, it's not nearly as bad as what you see in the US, and cities in the US have successfully revitalized, many of them building some form of rapid transit.

Hamilton does have many empty storefronts, perhaps better transit would help fill them. Barton St. for example, had lots of stores when streetcars ran (not saying that's why the stores closed). You might also look at Ottawa St and Locke St, which are doing quite well and would also have better links to other parts of the city if BRT were implemented.

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