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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 23, 2008 at 18:13:03


It is completely counter-intuitive to take the lane, but here's how I analyze it. There are three kinds of drivers, the largest portion being clueless, a small portion being considerate and a tiny minority being psychopathic.

The considerate drivers you'll never notice, as they give you enough room. Psychotic drivers aren't worth planning for because there's nothing you can do about them anyway. Clueless drivers, however you can plan for. If you hug the curb, they assume you're inviting them to pass. If you take the lane, they will go around you. This also gives you room to move if you have to dodge someone who passes too close to you.

As far as cyclists obeying the law, I slow down for stop signs and stop lights and will only stop if there is a reason to. If I can time a four way stop so that a car is crossing as I get there, I won't stop but will just cruise on through in his shadow. My reasoning for this is that it takes significant energy to start a bike up again, as compared to just flexing your ankle in a car.

The most important rule is courtesy. If I'm going to inconvenience someone with my actions, I don't do them unless the law is on my side.

Hope this helps...

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