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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2008 at 11:19:08

ho hum..

Is there ever a balanced opionion on here?

the PA quandry gets really old.As soon as I hear" UN report that states" ( your stats to justify the argument here)I know its a polarized debate..or a polemic really.

Its quite simple.

Until the PA( whichever that is) who say they are in control recognize Israelis "right to exist as human beings" whithout fear of being exterminated, nothing will change.IT is not the "palestinians"( whatever ethnic group that means, as the Jews were the first Palestinians)who are in danger surrounded by Israel, it is Israel surrounds buy hundreds of millions of Arab Muslims who would commit genocide on them if given half a chance.

It is also no coincidence that Israel is the only democracy with rights in Israel given to Arab Israelis, something you never see in any Arab country

Rocket attacks daily, threats of murder, teching kids in class Jews are "pigs" and subhuman...sorry.A little collective pressure on th people to come to thier senses and realize the enemy is really Hamas who bring misery on them everyday, not the Government of Israel.

Every time Israel lets up and lets humanitarion aid flow, it is an excuse for encroaching a little more and opportunity to attack Jews.

The "palestinians in the occupied territories" should go home.. which is back to Jordan.

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