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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2008 at 18:05:10

Brandon,does your conceit know any bounds? How do you get the courage to make an asinine comment like “(as a cyclist I am far more aware of my environment than a vehicle driver).” How do you know how aware I or any other driver is.There are many idiots on two wheels like you who are alive, safe and sound, because a car driver had the skills and awareness to compensate for their reckless behavior. That happens much more frequently than a poor driver hitting a cyclist or pedestrian. The big difference is when a nice bit of driving saves an ugly incident the only persons who know are the driver and the cyclist, and most of the time the cyclist is so oblivious to reality that they don’t realize either. When a car driver is at fault, or might be at fault, for an accident all hell breaks loose. If there is any possibility that the car is at fault then charges are laid. People write blogs demanding we slow down all traffic or even better yet, abolish cars from the area. Just look at other posts right here on RTH. Yet car drivers are the only ones who have to prove that they are knowledgeable and capable.
You refer to naked streets by which I assume you are referring to no signs at intersections. I have driven in such an environment in Germany where it is common. It works really well because now again everybody is playing by the same set of rules, and they take driving a lot more seriously than we do (both car and bicycle). The big problem with your approach is that nobody else knows what you are doing. After reading your comments I doubt that you know what you’re doing either. Driving in the right direction and stopping at stop signs is the very least any vehicle on the road needs to do, and yes even an idiot on two wheels is indeed a vehicle.

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