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By Political Spectre Again (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2008 at 14:30:43

@Spectral Politicker:

The issues change over time as social circumstances change, but the underlying reasoning does not. Liberals 150 years ago supported emancipation for the same reason that liberals fifty years ago supported inter-racial marriage and liberals today support same-sex marriage. Contrariwise, conservatives have opposed these various things at these various times for the same reason. Society moves this way and that, but people's reasons for how they feel about the issue of the day remain fairly constant. That's what I mean by the liberal/consevative spectrum is not just relative.


Looks like you're just projecting your own identity politics here, the author didn't say that it's not important America elected a Black man, only that most commentators focused on this and he wanted to draw attention to something else that's also important. No need to get oversensitive with someone who probably agrees with you on most big issues including race.

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