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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2008 at 13:03:09


"The HSR has been forced to cut back almost continuously for the last 20 years by councils that see transit as little more than social assistance"

If the HSR has been cutting back almost continually for twenty years then what is driving the increase in costs? In fact, it the were cutting back "almost continuously" for the last twenty years how is it that there is even an HSR left?

"Nearly every other city in the greater golden horseshoe is vigorously expanding their transit systems"

Really? Please name them. From what I can tell they are prepared to enhance their services so long as the money come from Queen's Park.

"They understand that good bus service supports existing businesses and attracts new investment, in addition to its environmental and social benefits"

Downtown has good bus service and GO transit. Yet despite this over the last twenty businesses have chosen to locate in suburban areas while the downtown has declined. What does that tell you about your theory?

"Most Hamiltonians understand this too, as shown by the overwhelming support for the light rail rapid transit proposals"

If most Hamiltonians supported this then how do you explain the HSR having been "forced to cut back almost continuously for the last 20 years". If Hamiltonians supported it so much the "cutbacks" never would have happened.

"Comparisons with other Canadian municipalities show that the HSR is already one of the lowest cost-per-ride transit systems in the country. Unfortunately, that's meant poorer service"

What other municipalities? Please name them and your source for this info. Also, just because it is low cost doesn't mean that it is poor service. It could just mean that it is run more efficiently.

"We cannot afford not to dramatically improve our transit system. The health impacts of air pollution, looming climate chaos, an aging population, an energy-constrained future and especially the economic meltdown are each powerful arguments for investing much more in the HSR and DARTS"

Enough with the "sky-is-falling if we don't invest in our transit systems" already. The Red Hill Valley Parkway was built and the world hasn't come to an end so why should anybody take you seriously anymore?

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