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By (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2008 at 17:27:13

When youre taxes get so high after the BIA fees are added on, you will have to charge more than the big box stores for youre product.People will go there to save money.After you loose those customers and realize that youre taxes plus BIA fees still have to be paid because the city can assume youre building for BIA fees not paid because it is now part of youre tax bill.On Locke Street there is only 16 building owners involved. The bars and cafes and the well known coffee shop aren,t involved because they are on the part of the street that didn,t want to be. I have been forced to pay the most at $1305.00 while another person pays under one hundred dollars.I tried to be removed and was told by my councilor that its time to move on.If you would like to move to Locke Street and pay these kind of fees please email me.

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