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By bob bratina (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2008 at 14:40:15

Hamilton planners do not balk at the thought of doubling the Downtown density. It's just not reasonable to arbitrarily adopt that target.
There are some restricting factors such as underground rivers which prevent you from digging a foundation deep enough to support a high enough building. That's why the Crown Plaza, formerly Ramada, has above ground parking. That's why Hi-Rise-Liuna had difficulty committing to the size of the proposed seniors' residences next to Lister.
You also must consider the proximity of mature residential areas, whose inhabitants need to be engaged in the discussion of how big the elephant living next door will be. Downtown Toronto is at the 400/ha level and having lived and worked there, wouldn't propose it for Hamilton, certainly not in the form it has taken. We can make in Hamilton our own solution and the density should not be pre-determined. This constant harangue against everything we do has to rise above blog-rant. The big problem is that sprawl was approved because of pressure from developers, and the tax-subsidies to support it along with the loss of industrial and commecial assessment has compromised our financial maneuverability. Having said that, there are some forward thinking people on the planning staff and council who shouldn't be constantly plinked at like targets at a carnival shooting gallery.

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