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By jason (registered) | Posted November 29, 2008 at 15:10:48

Hey Bob and Ryan,

There is very easy and ample opportunity to increase Hamilton's core density and we should be striving to do it as soon as possible. A few well-placed 'towers' would be nice and acceptable on locations that can house such buildings. Otherwise, let's look to Brooklyn and Paris as a model to follow for the rest of our density increases. Brooklyn is more dense than Toronto with very few towers. Most of the city is brownstone walkups and 3-6 storey streetscapes with shops on the bottom and apartments above. We could add tens of thousands of new residents downtown simply by building these sorts of projects on all the empty lots and parking lots. There's no need to go several stories underground for a 5 or 6 storey building.

Find out which sites can handle large towers and zone them appropriately. Otherwise, let's stick to a Brooklyn-style of development that will not only increase the density, shopping opportunities and residents, but will also rebuild streetscapes and comfortable walking connections between downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods such as Corktown, Durand, Central and Beasley. There's wonderful housing stock and residential neighbourhoods in the Catharine North area, north of Wilson. Yet look at the horrendous walk one of those residents has to get down to King St. Rebuild those streetscapes and suddenly we're connecting our downtown neighbourhoods again.


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