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By Toronto Reader (anonymous) | Posted November 29, 2008 at 23:54:50

I recently heard Green on a radio station while vising London last Saturday. To be honest, this man is a clown. Allegedly being "opinionated" and holding an opinion presupposes that one has a valid opinion based upon a set of facts. Sadly, Green just rants. He comes across as an uneducated, rude bore.

To atempt to fob this clown of as a media pesonality of some type is akin to calling the boy who delivers my Toronto Star a media celebrity.

In a word, he is nothing more than an uneducated thug and bully who attempts to use his bully-like personality instead of logic or manners that ought to have been learned as a child.

Green really should speak to his doctor about his oft violent temper.

Green, you are a very irrelevent clown

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