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By A sign of the times ... (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2008 at 00:58:52

Ohhh, Ryan ... You should write for the Toronto Star. Your left-wing views are sooo dated and tiresome.

Corporations employ millions of Canadians ... tax cuts allow them to hire more people and invest in research and development.

Don't like your 2% GST cut? You and anyone else who are so appalled by it can send it back to the Feds. Every 'nickel and dime' makes a difference in today's tough economic climate. Are you forgetting the GST was created to pay for the financial ruin that Trudeau left us in ... and promised to be scrapped altogether by the Libs?

Financial contributions should not be subsidized by our tax dollars. Contributions made to political parties already cost the Feds hundred of millions a year in income-tax deductions.

The Liberals are in horrible financial shape. Can you imagine if Dion was running this country during a world-wide recession? You don't know how lucky you are to have Harper in these times.

I'm sure a lot of people on this board will disagree with me ... but look around you. Have decades of sloppy NDP-style governance made (downtown) Hamilton a success story?

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