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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 01, 2008 at 10:38:03

The last thing they want is an election...which is why they aren't trying to force one with a non confidence vote.

As far as your left leaning coalition - Two parties who weren't chosen to run the country with even a minority government can band together and run a country as a majority government... that can only happen in Canada. Your statement about a left leaning centrist majority only holds water from your perspective. From mine, in the last elections, voting Canadians chose to have a minority Conservative party run the country allowing the others at least some say in the laws and motions passed in parliament.

Let's say I was a Liberal voter, I would've voted as such because I identify the Liberal party as the party I feel able to lead the country. Now, let's say I voted NDP, that's equivalent to me saying that the NDP can somehow run our country. In NEITHER case have I said I think a liberal-ndp coalition can run the country. This type of coalition should be illegal because it actually voids the results of an election during which the nation of Canada democratically elected a minority conservative government to represent them at home and on the world stage.

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