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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 01, 2008 at 12:56:54

"Let's say I was a Liberal voter, I would've voted as such because I identify the Liberal party as the party I feel able to lead the country. Now, let's say I voted NDP, that's equivalent to me saying that the NDP can somehow run our country."

If we are going to make assumptions about why voters vote the way they do, then we can't discount the "strategic voters" which, whether conservatives like it or not, generally vote for whichever party is most likely to keep the conservative from winning the riding.

Many conservative supporters consider this unfair - and some even claim it should be illegal - but the reality is that these huge swaths of strategic voters have, in fact, expressed a desire to see anyone in power other than the conservative party. For many this preference could include a left leaning coalition.

Unfortunately, our system is flawed and tends to fail most Canadians. This coalition is not a solution for the failure of the voting system, but it is probably closer to what most voters wanted than a conservative minority is...

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