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By Eugene Hausmann (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 09:38:06

"Eugene, the city of Paris is a net contributor of taxes to the French government, therefore it is private citizens and businesses that drive the city, not government planners. If you want Hamilton to be more like Paris, then I suggest you start by pushing for a smaller role for government in the local economy."

Smith, your ignorance is palable. Modern Paris is the brainchild of one master-planner, Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann, who devised VERY strict planning rules for the size, shape, height, position, design, and layout of almost every building in Paris, as well as its world famous boulevards, ped-friendly sidewalks and celebrated lively street life. Haussmann more or less single handedly INVENTED modern urbanism and in many ways his city still does it best, 150 years after he designed it pretty much from scratch. Paris is an embarrasing repudiation of your silly antiplanning 'let the market do it's magic' nonsense.

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