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By Wiccan (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 11:31:26

I think that A Smith is the voice of reason on this website. Obviously those of you who don't agree with him don't pay property or income taxes. Most of the big construction projects in Hamilton are all government related: hospitals, universities, downtown welfare housing. These places don't pay any property tax yet there is little private sector development in Hamilton. That is why property taxes in Hamilton are so high and jobs are so scarce.

In respose to Frank: "A Smith, your naivete surprises me. I can find very few major private sector companies that in actually interested in anything other than increasing the little black number at the end of tbe balance sheet".

Really Frank? Do you have any idea how much money private businesses donate to charity? Or how about this one - all those hospitals, universities, roads, welfare housing for bums, and other "social programs" come from the taxes paid by "...the little black number at the end of the balance sheet"

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