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By cartwheel (registered) | Posted March 22, 2006 at 12:30:04

This article seems to ignore the imense social problems which exist downtown. While nobody can deny that taking control of the sandbar is a positive move and can only improve the situation on King east. However there are a number of things that concern me. I would be very disappointed if King E was developed using a Yorkville type template or if it goes the way of Queen west in Toronto pushing all the city's poorest people into other areas. Downtown is full of interesting people and it has a culture of it's own. Encouraging suburbanites to the neighborhood will do nothing to foster Hamilton's unique culture. The core of Hamilton is also unique in the way that it has some of the highest unemployment in southern Ontario, as well as some of the lowest income levels around, Which has been documented in the spec. Also, I don't have any sources for this one but I think there is some truth to it, there is one heck of a crack problem down there. Something must be done to improve the employment and drug issues that exist in the area. These are major factors to be considered when planning developement in the area. These problems must be dealt with and the province can't seize every property peddlin' crack no matter what the police chief says. This quotation is taken from the March 9 story that appeared in the spec about the sandbar seizure ""Hamiltonians can expect to see more activity like this in regard to those nagging locations that are creating so many neighbourhood safety issues," Mullan said. He promised to use it against booze cans selling illegal alcohol, marijuana grow operations and prostitution. "It is our intention that when we need (to use it) we are going to. "I guess it is a heads up for all the crooks out there," said Mullan. "You'd better sit up and take notice Hamilton police are now actively involved in the application of this type of legislation."" While I do not disagree with the seizure of the sandbar I can't condone the use of this law on a regular basis. I think that the sandbar was a one of a kind type of operation, and hearing the police chief talking like this is the solution to crime in the downtown eastside really concerns me. I think that it would be wise for us all to keep a close eye on what the police are doing, and whether they are truly helping the community.

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