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By Another Angry Canadian (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 10:56:08

Sorry Angry Canadian but your comment reeks of "I don't understand how my own country works!"

Mr. Dion IS stepping down this coming May. He will still do this even if he become Prime Minister of the coalition government. Then the new Liberal leader will become the Prime Minister of the coalition government.

By the way, the House of Commons DID let the Conservative Party get to work - and they strongly opposed what the Conservatives tried to do.

It's not the Oppositions fault that Harper made his bullcrap mini-budget a confidence matter (meaning voting against it causes the government to fall), or that he filled it up with stuff that he didn't campaign on, that won't help the economy, and that are designed to hurt the opposition after he promised to work with them.

Well what the hell did he THINK was going to happen? he probably thought they would just bend over for him again like they did for the past three years.

I for one am glad the Opposition finally grew a set.

As for the Bloc holding the swing vote in case you didn't notice they've been holding the swing vote for the past three years. How do you think Mr. Harper got his legislation passed with less than half the seats in the house? It wasn't magic, it was the Bloc voting along with them.

I don't seem to recall Mr. Harper saying "Sorry Mr. Duceppe I don't want your votes to support my legislation because I don't want to be in bed with 'separatists'." I also don't remember him saying "Sorry Mr Layton I don't want your party to vote along with my legislation changing the income trusts because I don't want to be in bed with 'social-ists'."

Mr Harper is a hypocrite and a bully and he has tried to run his government like he had a majority. This coalition is the House of Commons reminding Mr Harper who is really in charge...the voters who elected the House of Commons to keep the government accountable to the people.

I also trust the Governor General will make the right decision.

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