Comment 278

By Fossil (anonymous) | Posted March 19, 2006 at 06:20:31

Yes, yes a trillion barrels later, yes. But it isn't as though this is a sudden revelation... those who cared to look (with an open mind) could see this coming 30, 40, or, for some even more than 50 years ago. And we just kept heading deeper into the abyss. It isn't easier now to rescue ourselves. Forced realization by crisis won't make survival likelier. Once our entire civilization is disenfranchised from it's only means of support -- civilized, unaggressive, cooperative, compassionate attitudes will likely be as scarce as oil itself. I for one see a long dark age approaching. An age that may not have a light at the end of the tunnel. A depleted, polluted world, in fact may not offer a tunnel at all, only a forever silent mass grave. There is no place left on this planet where a lush vibrant environment could support a 'natural' human life. All such places have long since been trampled. Even paradise wasn't good enough for us... we had to have more... more children, more convenience, go faster, faster, faster... feeling insecure in the real world - a world we didn't CONTROL, we had to completely surround ourselves with our own manipulated environment... we didn't leave the Garden of Eden -- we controlled it, strangled it, sucked it dry, to death. The landmarks are gone, and now we're lost.

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