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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 13:27:11

Well Ryan, it looks as if those evil separatists will be kept at bay by our professional rogue PM for a little while longer.

I wish Ms. Jean had the power to suspend the concept of "vote of confidence" for a while until Harper learns not to use it as a weapon which confounds any opposition decisions as in "you may not like this but do you really want to have another election over it".

Without it, they would have to work together and get at least two party support for any motion - true majority support, rather than the "election gun to the head" Harper strategy of the last two years.

To understand how the opposition parties got so inflamed over it - even the mild mannered academic Dion losing it by screaming in the HOuse, is to understand the sociology of bullying.

People will only take so much of a bully's abuse before they retaliate - and if you've been in a school yard, this is often dramatic! It should surprise no one with any imagination or empathy.

The use of inflammatory, divisive rhetoric like "separatists" is the bully blaming the victim.

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