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By Hammerhead (registered) | Posted December 05, 2008 at 15:43:27

It appears that according to most of the polls, the country is split (regionally) on the issue - the West agreeing with Harper, the East(particularly Quebec) not agreeing. Unfortunately,we are in for years of minority governments. We can only hope that the parties learn how to co-operate for the good of the country rather than constantly trying to score political points. This won't happen until Harper is out of the picture.

Prediction? Harper will lose the confidence vote on his budget Jan 27, and will be replaced by Peter McKay. Dion will not make it to 2009. Ignatieff will win the Liberal Leadership in May - possibly sooner if they move the convention up (which they should). Election will be held in the spring and there will be another Conservative minority.

Bet on it.

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