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By Walter (anonymous) | Posted December 05, 2008 at 19:35:03

Food for Thought.

What if PM Harper engineered this whole thing?
Think about it. He brought in a financial statement that he knew the other parties who hate so much they would get in bed with each other. He also knew or was pretty sure that the GG would allow him to end this session of Parliament as there has never a government not given that option if asked for it.
The coalition was a surprise but they should have waited until they defeated the government. It is like poker, you don't show your hand until you know you have won.
Now he brings in a new throne speech and a budget that will help just about everyone and one that the coalition, if it is still around who not defeat the government over.

If they do defeat the government, an election is held and the Conservatives would get a majority.

He wins either way.
If they approve it, he looks as if he has given in and listened to the opposition.
If they defeat him, the voters will give him a majority in the election

Smart move


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