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By reality (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2008 at 13:20:41

1) the conservatives cannot pass any legislation without the bloc. we have two coalition options before us. we can either have the conservatives with bloc support or the liberals/ndp with bloc support. THE CONSERVATIVES DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SEATS TO GOVERN WITHOUT BLOC SUPPORT. NO FACTION CAN GOVERN WITHOUT BLOC SUPPORT. as such, harper's language is rather odd. he has accused the opposition of getting to bed with separatists, knowing full well that if he doesn't do it himself his government will fall at the soonest opportunity. it is neither dion's fault nor harper's fault that the bloc hold the balance of power. this was the parliament that was elected. western canada needs to grow up and deal with the fact that quebecers have a democratic right to choose their representation and in this circumstance they have chosen representation that is opposed to the actions of the conservative minority. calling the opposition names and shutting down parliament doesn't change the reality that the conservatives lost the election.

2) what has harper done? he has manufactured a crisis, used it to divide and conquer the country along ethnic lines and then used it to dissolve parliament until further notice. crossing a line is understated. what harper has done is seize absolute power!

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