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By neighbor of the mall (anonymous) | Posted January 06, 2009 at 20:42:02

I agree with Ashley,Kids are bored a bowling alley,arcade, movies, or indoor playground maybe even a new park would be fabulous to add to such a big adult accommodating place. I also dont agree with the store facing in it looks like crap for those who live facing the mall oh and maybe take out some parking spots turn it into a parking garage with cameras maybe security guards cause lets face it this isn't exactly a great neighborhood and maybe put in some smaller stores for smaller businesses. other ideas for kids maybe ice cream parlour/pizzeria with some pool tables or laser tag or paintball there is lots of ideas but because it dont make the big bucks everyone would rather the kids just find something else to do. keep the young ones in mind since you already took the warm mall away at least they could go hang out in the food court but now there is nothing but Kiwanis but that place cant hold all the kids in the neighborhood.

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