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By mike (registered) | Posted January 09, 2009 at 15:00:31

Ryan you have to look at the education system and what it produces by what it teaches. In the Arab or Islamic countries their schools do not teach or hold in high esteem such classes as math, science, agriculture,business or anything to allow their citizens to grow and produce employment in a world economy but only studies in religion. They send a few of the elites to the U.S or European schools for his and to learn our culture. They learn our culture not to establish relations with us but to use it against us for propaganda purposes like our value of life especially women and children as they say these words on t.v many times knowing this upsets us because of our culture. Then they will send their children in as bombs but never there old or middle aged or any of there religous leaders. The Palestinians children are pawns of the oil states to keep conflict in the area so they can keep oil prices up and the control of their citizens.

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