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By tahoevalleylines (anonymous) | Posted March 27, 2006 at 01:31:03

Trevor Shaw would do well to memorize this phrase: "Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform"- railway, designated "Post Roads" by 1838 act of US Congress. Making possible SOCIETAL & COMMERCIAL COHESION thru the Fossils Rollover period, re-establishing railway as the basis for surface transport will extend fossil fuel for agriculture, etc. Electric Railways, vastly expanded in capacity & reach, will use to best advantage, renewable power source directly. Begin with what is still at hand, rehab branch network, analyse best siting for local victuals warehousing with rail/trucking interface. Research farmers markets of the early 20th century, rail served, with cross-platform break-bulk & loading for delivery to neighborhood markets. This can be done over several years, mundane though it sounds, while the brighter ones among us fish about for technofix breakthru, and various means to assure a private car for everyone on earth at puberty... Entrepreneurs will be able to eat with the rest of us backwards types, as long as the resources & food & goods can be distributed. MTBE- More Trains Before Extinction!

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