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By Scammed (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2009 at 09:01:48

Hey Grassroots, if you think Mr. DiAnni is bad, you don't know Harry Stinson..........

Mr. Stinson works with "other peoples' money" and is looking for his next retirement scheme. He left many creditors high and dry and investors broke. One King West didn't quite work out for him, he got booted out, but he had a great life for 10 years. It is his little school boy demeanor and soft spoken enthusiasm that lures people into his schemes.

Mr. Bateman will show you numbers that will make your head spin.......?? Well, beware. Any predictions as to possible income from your suite is violation of the SEC. The income will never cover the expenses, only for the owners who bought in early at One King West at $99,000. Those who bought in for $200,000 and up cannot get more than $170,000 for their suites now, and even that is sinking fast. Your taxes will also be commercial, if you pool your suite incomes. It all sounds good, it just does not work in practice. Beware, beware......
do your homework and listen to your accountant.........if he isn't Bateman.

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