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By OccasionalCommentor (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2009 at 21:50:01

We always hear all kinds of terrible things about Stinson. To be honest with you, I have no idea. It seems like he wants to built great things and he wants people to think of Hamilton positively. When someone discusses the idea of being positive about Hamilton it gives that persons statements some bounty, in my opinion.

For a politician/business owner to put their patriotism to the test in Hamilton is a tough bag. There is more than one Hamilton, but the Hamilton everyone seems to want to see is North of Barton. People who live in Hamilton WANT to hate Hamilton. It's like a twisted negative impulse for some. It seems passionate at times. As if the city itself had personally attacked them on the street.

The problem with Hamilton is only that. I'm not suggesting blind love, either. But take into consideration the other sides of Hamilton like you would any other city. If we looked at Toronto or Mississauga with the same seething eye we look at Hamilton with, I'd bet we'd find things aren't much different there either.

Each has its own problems. I've lived all over Ontario and each place had its own problems of no greater or lesser importance than the issues here.

If Hamilton's residents attitudes changed, it wouldn't matter if Stinson was a crook or not. In the end, we'd all win.


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