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By Beenthere (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2009 at 09:12:09

This is too funny. Here is Harry Stinson basically run out of Toronto for his scam that left many people loosing their life savings, some declaring bankruptcy for unpaid work, and others left holding an unsaleable investment that they loose money on monthly........for years. (Whiners!) WRCU2 basically tells Scammed to "suck it up and quit whining". Well, I challenge WRCU2 to invest in Harry's recycled Hamilton scheme, and get back to us in 5 years!! We know who'll be whining then!

Harry can do wonderfull things if people would just give him their money, what's the problem? Poor man has none of his own, so nothing to loose there. Trust him with your life's savings.

Personnally, I think Harry should go to the government for a bailout, tell them he'll create employment and build nice things, clean up Hamilton downtown. He is a poor misunderstood visionary, all the rest of us are just way to short sighted and don't have his imagination and excentricitiy.
Loosen up Hamilton, give him your money. Then we can continue to read all the press about how wonderfull he is and how humble, ...blah blah blah.

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