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By Puzzled (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2009 at 16:22:13

If I understand correctly on this and the other related posts, some contributers want Harry to go away, others want him to pay a living wage, others want him excoriated for losing investors money, others are concerned that Judy Marsales, her people and ex-mayor DiAnni may want to make a profit on this venture, while others have been 'scammed' in Toronto and are warning local investors to stay away from this development. Yet others are angry that this development might get media support while the first did not and yet another soul wants Harry to be nice and clean his ice. Have I got it all?

Here is my contribution for what it's worth:

1. Most of you should get a life!
2. All investors need to make investments with their eyes open. That is why we live in a capital based society. You invest and you win or you lose. That's the system.
3. Downtown needs help. You'd have to be blind and deaf not to know that. anyone with ideas, cash, or ability to attract cash should be welcomed, not criticized.
4. Those who want Harry to pay top wages to staff are way ahead of the game here. What's been presented is just an idea at this point. No hiring, to our knowledge is being done yet. When the time comes, competitive wages will have to be paid according to existing laws if you want to attract good people.
5. I don't work in real estate and don't even know Judy Marsales But judging from the signs around town she is pretty successful. Must be a reason for that.
6. WRCU2 makes sense.

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