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By Casper (anonymous) | Posted January 20, 2009 at 20:04:00

As a developer and builder, whether good or bad, Hamilton would be a great place to build. Lately, Hamilton has had tons of media coverage as being a haven for developers and builders that can build any thing, as they don't need permits issued, no inspections, don't have to warranty and there is no one to stop them. If the investors have an extra tens of thousands of dollars in the event the build is improper, then great. Lets get some more action in Hamilton.
If you have not seen the media coverage,then check out the hamilton spec
( nightmare homes and several other articles associated),the toronto star, Bob Aaron, CBC Marketplace:(New Home Nightmares),all of these organizations have web sites ( and the list goes on, who have web sites that are covering this Hamilton situation ).

Hamilton desperately needs new developement, job creation, without having a reputation recently covered by National Media.

Instead of $2 million dollar glass add on to city hall, use the money where it is most needed, councillors and mayor, get the house in order

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