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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2009 at 15:15:09

Luxembourg only has 40% of it's population comprised of guest workers, not two thirds as I stated before. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting statistic.

Zombie, results are all that matter, not ideology. That's why Harper has failed to capture political power. His policies have resulted in a tepid economic growth, in contrast to Chretien, who helped the economy grow by basically getting out of the way.

Government is best when it allows individuals the freedom to make their own spending decisions and this includes allowing businesses to hire who they want, no matter where they come from. Individuals are always striving to maximize the value of their dollar, so when government spends money on what it thinks is valuable, it does so at the cost of the individual.

However, because government officials don't spend money on their personal desires, but rather on what they "think" their constituents want, they end up wasting money. A great analogy is Christmas shopping. When people buy gifts for other people, many of the purchases are less than optimal, as reflected in the fact that 40% of people return at least one gift for refunds. The point is that no one can spend money better than the individual, so by introducing a middleman into the equation, you simply add a level of confusion into the allocation of capital that isn't necessary, nor beneficial.

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