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By Skeptical (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2009 at 10:27:53

Ryan's comments regarding minimum wage are very one sided. Gathering articles on the Internet can argue any side. It is the new gen way of guerrilla point-proving.

I could find articles that suggest a 3-tier hamburger is beneficial for ones digestive system.

If you want to get to the truth all you need to do is put yourself in the position of a business person who is about to open a franchise or location that enjoys freedom that other areas enjoy. When you weight in all the parameters, adding a mandatory wage hike is a deterrent.

There is no question that many of Hamilton's business community feel the crunch with all kinds of "requirements", where cities like Burlington -- quarter the size of Hamilton in population -- get major investments. Not just in big-box, as I am sure someone will point to, but also major investment in quality corporate grounds.

Burlington (or other like-cities) resident's quality of life is better, surely due to many reasons, but not being bullish to the business community certainly helped. And many would argue that minimum wages in cities like Burlington are inherently higher simply because freedom allowed for it as a byproduct of the businesses eventual success.

The neoliberal blanket statement is a way of detracting a good or bad idea. Shouldn't matter if someone is a Conservative or a Liberal. A bad idea is a bad idea. A good one, a good one. Who's mouth it comes from shouldn't make a difference.

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