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By Canon (anonymous) | Posted January 30, 2009 at 13:30:26

I by no means have any educational background in economics but my experience has bee that applying formula to an area that is driven by subjective choice will always be inconsistently viewed.

Lets say I were to put myself into the position of a small scale (10-15 employee) business that makes decent money (significantly better return than straight up investments). I have the business set up to make money. I pay minimum wage or higher. Everyone is paid for the position/tenure/qualifications.Now tell me that I have to pay more at the bottum. Well doesnt that change a lot? I mean doesnt that mean that every employee is effected because my business model is changed. I need to miraculously change my output scenario or decrease costs dramatically because the bar has been raised in relation to ever employee. Wouldnt that dramatically change my business? How wouldnt it?

I not looking for studies. Just an answer.

Our economy seems to be flawed at its core. No one wants to work a job that actually drives an economy ie sweat equity jobs. Everyone wants to be a god damn academic! As I see it raising wages or any other stimulas doesnt address that fundamental problem. People need to be unemployed, economies need to go into the shit'er. I believe failure is the only option at the moment to bring us out of this artificially unsustainable fallacy were living in now

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