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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted January 30, 2009 at 19:14:44

A Smith: you keep going on about profit margins, so you are referring to gross or net profit margins. Ideally, material, labour and overhead are the main expenses in calculating a gross profit. But there are many other costs, right. Again I will focus on the amounts paid to those at the top, are they overvalued to the contribution as a whole, as it is the labour force, that actually makes the product or does the work, not the CEO types. So if there is no labour, then Mr Capital, who does not do the work, will not make any money either.

Why do you go on about Walmart, in fact there was a story not to long about about a family in which the walmrt worker was in an terrrible accident, though she did have benefits, once the insurance settlement came in, Walmart forced them to pay back all the benefits, leaving the family with nothing to care for the injuried person, who will need lifetime care.

How much are the goons at the top being paid? How many millions, billions? This company exploits workers to no end. I have no symapthy for companies like these period, while I do for the small and medium size companies, family businessess, which are the backbone, that will be eventually overtaken by the big multinationals like Walmart.

Please put some thought into things. Instead of attacking the workers, wage rates why not attack the root cause, the big multinational corporations that are consolidating their power. Aren't these guys that ones that influence policy? Taxes?

Are you a globalist?

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