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By Pertz (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2007 at 23:54:13

As a previously regular HSR user and now daily driver, I'd have to say that getting rid of the bus stops in the gore park area would be a very bad idea. In addition to making it easier to get to a future better downtown, the fact that there are always people there for a good reason (waiting for buses) makes it safer.

I would however, support making the south leg of King pedestrian only, and I would take it a step further: King street becomes two lanes starting at Wellington. Why not extend it all the way to Bay? (any good driver coming from the east takes Hunter or Cannon anyways) Extend Gore park north over two lanes, and put the bus stops all along the north side King in front of Gore park. Cannon and Hunter are perfectly fine expressways for those traveling west. King should be for people going to or coming from downtown.

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