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By jason (registered) | Posted February 12, 2009 at 09:35:52

I hear this argument all the time about the 'bigger impact on downtown'. City Hall IS downtown. I've met staffers before and we meet at the hall and take the 2 minute walk to Jackson Square for lunch or the 5 minute walk to King William for a coffee. I bet the walk from the back of the City Centre to the Bread and Roses cafe is only a minute or two shorter than walking from city hall. The Honest Lawyer in Jackson Square? Probably the identical travel time by foot from both places.
Let's not make it sound like City Hall is at Main and Dundurn or something.

Plus, why should we reward a landlord who does nothing other than hang ugly banners, lose top-notch tenants and draw in crappy dollar store tenants to his facility??
City Centre needs to become a mixed use facility facing James Street with a university or tech firm located inside and perhaps a new condo tower built at the James/York corner in place of that cartoony clock tower with metal flags.

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