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By jason (registered) | Posted February 12, 2009 at 21:19:22

Chris, you make good points, but I wonder how you expect to get people downtown "on their feet" before introducing "32kph disincentives". Who in their right mind wants to walk on Main St?? They won't come and walk the streets unless its safe and welcoming to. James St has become more welcoming to pedestrians in the past few years and sure enough, new businesses have opened up. Many of the people currently driving 'through' downtown are already going to malls and power centres. I would love to have their cars completely out of the core, using Burlington St, the Linc, 403 or Claremont Access to avoid the core. That would be great for downtown if we could eliminate much of the cut-through traffic. Somehow, people who use downtown as a shortcut have this belief that we'd all miss their fumes if downtown streets were slower, forcing them to go a different route. Yet, that's exactly what we should be trying to do - get them to use a different route. This city is filled with highways, multi-lane Mountain access and high speed roads to the south/east/west of the core. People won't stop using main and king as shortcuts until it's no longer a shortcut. Then, and only then, will pedestrians come back onto the scene, much like they have on James St, Hess, Locke and John.

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