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By A-idiot (registered) - website | Posted February 18, 2009 at 12:02:03

If taxes were .01%, I would be able to afford to fix up my house. This would raise my property value!

The city would have less money, but that's ok because they would only have to fund the bare necessities (aka the things that I use, such as streets and sewers).

Any and all projects that are frivolous should be funded only by the people who will use them directly. So, only people who go to the park should pay for parks. Only the people who ride a bike should pay for bike lanes. Only the people who walk should pay for sidewalks. Only the people who ride the buses should pay for the HSR. Only the people who drink should pay for water treatment, etc.

These projects, funded privately by my neighbours, and which cost me nothing (because I refuse to pay), will make the city more attractive to potential residents and business owners. This will also raise my property value.

Then I can finally cash in and move to Oakville, where they are doing everything perfectly.

I win!

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