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By H Magazine (registered) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 13:22:11

My response:

Sam - the examples you just gave me don't make me proud to be an born and raised east-ender. It actually makes me cringe when I go through that part of town.

When I talk about what makes Hamilton great - the first things out of my mouth are not "Well we are really proud to have destroyed a beautiful valley - so that corporations could open up big box stores and truly make a retail disaster out of the Centre Mall site."

No one chooses to live in a city based on its big box stores. EVERY city has them. What will make our city stand out from the rest?

Honestly - tell me that the "largest urban redevelopment in Canada" couldn't have been the best urban redevelopment in Canada. It looks like hell down there. It tells me nothing of the character of that part of town. When I visit my relatives on Fairfield Street and travel along Barton Street - I could be anywhere - Whitby, Ajax, etc. it's all starting to look the same!

I am not against development or corporations. I just want Hamilton to do better.

What's happening in the East End is not good for the city. Council's bungling of City Hall is a disgrace. I'm beginnning to fear our elected officials will not make the right decision concerning the Pan-Am games. This isn't just about a stadium - this is about vision.

What kind of city do you want to live in?

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