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By JonC (registered) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 15:01:31

So no examples of all these new corporations taking advantage of Canada's reduced corporate tax rates. Colour me surprised.

As for your link provides, a) I'm talking about actual physical resources, b)using the total exports is ridiculous (exports at 243% of GDP, seriously). This just goes to show how little thought you actually put into your arguments.

And thank you for continuing to ignore Hamilton's actual budget while plugging away at the same old same old and insisting that the other side is a member of a cult, in particular, after I already stated that a massive reduction is a possibility but not on a one year period. If you ever care to use actual data for the city of Hamilton to show your wisdom, that would be great as a continual spouting of theory doesn't pay the bills. Just look at our budget, figure out how much a cut in tax rate would remove from the budget and let me know where you'll take that out of the expenditures for this year, otherwise keep it to yourself.

I also enjoyed your segment in this last post in which you imply that the populous has a right to seize corporate property if it is abused.

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