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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 15:30:04

JonC, >> So no examples of all these new corporations taking advantage of Canada's reduced corporate tax rates. Colour me surprised

If I could conjure up that information I would, but I can't. I am simply reporting what the government tax collections show, which is overall corporate revenue rising at healthy levels even after large tax rate reductions. If have to break these numbers down into little bit sized pieces for you to believe them, then I guess I won't be able to convince you.

>> As for your link provides, a) I'm talking about actual physical resources, b)using the total exports is ridiculous (exports at 243% of GDP, seriously). This just goes to show how little thought you actually put into your arguments.

This a direct quote from one of your posts..."Canada has the largest percentage of exports as a portion of GDP of any country"

This is simply not correct. Singapore and other trading nations do have exports much greater than Canada as a percentage of GDP. Since it is only the "net exports" (exports minus imports) that actually get added to GDP, a country can easily have exports at percentages higher than 100%. Those are the facts.

>> Just look at our budget, figure out how much a cut in tax rate would remove from the budget and let me know where you'll take that out of the expenditures for this year

First of all I would sell off Ivor Wynne, Hamilton Place, Chedoke Golf Club and other such buildings unrelated to the direct administration of city business. Then I would cap spending at current levels and start bringing rates down.

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