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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted February 20, 2009 at 12:13:29

It was when Susie (the missus) decided to go back to work that we realized we'd need to get a second car (because, of course, the transit in Hamilton is so great...:) ) When we added up all the costs, it worked out to be almost as easy to give the money to the bank instead. We're no further ahead money wise (we're a little further behind) but we do get the QoL aspects on offer in TO.

It's because of block headed Big Box thinking such as Merulla's that Hamilton councilors fail to see the value of providing real Quality of Life factors to their town. Bix Boxes may provide some revenue - i.e a moderate off-set to my taxes - some shopping convenience, and some min wage jobs but they also provide blandless and no incentive to spur further growth (as somebody already commented, no person or business is going to invest in Hamilton because of a big box store).

If Hamilton started addressing the needs of it's pedestrians and cyclists a little more, and enhanced it's unique strengths (Gore Park Plaza - a truly unique and enviable 19th/20th century European plaza), the Waterfront, Waterfalls, University etc) then investment money would flow. God knows, with Toronto's stases, Hamilton has a great opportunity to attract investment and prosper. As usual, the conundrum is always - how to get the right minds into those council chairs :)



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